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Do I need to stop drinking my morning coffee to see a benefit?

The team at Griffith University conducted a study in 2011 where regular coffee drinkers were asked to either abstain from caffeine for four days before a cycling time trial, or continue to consume 3mg/kg each day from capsules.

They were then given 3mg/kg on the morning of the time trial. The results in both groups were identical – a benefit of 3-3.6% from taking caffeine before the time trial, with no difference between those who abstained from caffeine for four days compared to those who didn’t. 

Whats the optimal amount of caffeine for performance?

Most of the earlier studies on caffeine and endurance performance used very high doses, up to 6mg per kilogram of body weight. To put that in perspective, for a 70kg rider that’s 420mg of caffeine or the equivalent of over 5 cans of an energy drink!

More recently however studies have shown the same performance benefits from half that dose, and 3mg per kg is now generally accepted as the highest dose needed to provide a benefit.

it gives you legs!

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all natural performance enhancer

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded that there is an association between caffeine consumption and an increase in endurance performance, endurance capacity and a reduction in the rated perceived effort or exertion during exercise20.

get your fill to get over the hill

Any suggested improvement in sports performance is strongest for endurance sports. Research and reviews conclude that caffeine affects endurance performance largely through its antagonist effect on the adenosine receptors in the brain i.e. via a pathway that leads to an increased production of adrenalin, which stimulates energy production and improves blood flow to the muscles and heart6. Caffeine modulates central fatigue and influences ratings of perceived exertion, perceived pain and levels of vigor, all of which may lead to performance improvements6..

Pre Ride Cold Brew - It gives you legs!

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Matthew Ganio, an exercise physiologist at the University of Arkansas Department of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation. In 2009, Ganio and his colleagues published a systematic review of 21 studies on caffeine in timed performance. Looking across all the results, Ganio found consistent improvements in performance. 

Faster times

When combing the right fuels the improvements can be substantial, often as much as 3 percent. To put that into context, a 3 percent improvement would mean an 18-minute boost in a 10-hour race. Eighteen minutes was all that separated the top eight finishers in both the men’s and women’s pro races at Kona. 

Breathe easier, ride faster

A study demonstrated that a moderate dose of caffeine improved cycling performance in sedentary men, they reported. Additionally, caffeine increased oxygen uptake and energy expenditure, without increased ratings of perceived exertion

It won't dehydrate you

One hydration study followed 59 healthy male volunteers for 11 days, using varying levels of caffeine. The researchers found no evidence of dehydration. “These findings question the widely accepted notion that caffeine consumption acts chronically as a diuretic,” the scientists concluded.

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