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Clint Latham - Founder 

Bike a Latte was founded by Colorado native, Clint Latham. Clint started his love for cycling in high school and college where he raced with a local club team. Not having the genetics to make it to the pro ranks; he then started his career in with a leading sports supplement manufacture. Where he got to work with some of the world's elite level athletes and got real world experience on how the right supplements can help take an athlete to the next level.

On this journey Clint found he had a real love for speciality coffee and shortly after opened his first speciality coffee business. Having tried all of the 'coffee flavored' energy gels on the market Clint decided it was time to make an energy gel that was not flavored with coffee but made with the top 1% of the coffee of the world. Enter Bike a Latte.  

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Ride Bikes with us!

You can always catch Clint and the Bike a Latte crew on the Thursday night rides at Big Ring Cycles in Golden, CO. Or be sure to catch up with them on the BRCC cafe rides. To ride bikes and get coffee of course!  

THE HISTORY BEHInd Bike a latte

Interested in learning more about how Bike a Latte came to be? Listen to the full interview Clint did with the Jon of All Trades Podcast. You can listen here

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Pre-Ride Cold Brew

Pre-Ride Cold Brew

Free Shipping on all orders over $20 use code FREESHIP20 Description Our cold brew concentrate is proudly brewed using Two Rivers Craft Coffee. A small batch speciality roaster located
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