New Espresso Week: Tonys Coffee Ganesha Espresso

It's new espresso week; which means it's my favorite part of the week. This week's coffee is brought to you by Tony's Coffee out of Bellingham, WA. This is a review of the Ganesha Espresso blend. As with all my espresso reviews we are looking at how this coffee performs with milk. The reason for this is that by the numbers 60% of coffee sold within coffee shops in the U.S. are espresso based drinks; and a majority of those are milk based. I.E. latte's, cortados and the ever so perfect, cappuccino.
About Tony's Coffee
Tony's coffee is a small batch roaster that started roasting coffee in Bellingham, WA in 1971. They started in their flagship coffee house in the Fairhaven Terminal Building. From selling freshly roasted coffees in glass jars to a fully fledged online retail store.  Tony's regularly participates in the Roasters Guild workshops and other continued education projects to further hone their craft. Tony's also works to develop direct trade relationships with farmers all over the world, by traveling to origin to meet with producers. 
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