New Espresso Week: Olympia Coffee Roasting Co's Big Truck Espresso

It's new espresso week; which means it's my favorite part of the week. This week's coffee is brought to you by Olympia Coffee Roasting co out of Olympia, WA. This is a review of the Big Truck Espresso blend. As with all my espresso reviews we are looking at how this coffee performs with milk. The reason for this is that by the numbers 60% of coffee sold within coffee shops in the U.S. are espresso based drinks; and a majority of those are milk based. I.E. latte's, cortados and the ever so perfect, cappuccino.

About Olympia Coffee Roasting Co

Olympia Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster located in Olympia Washington. Owned by Sam Schroeder and Oliver Stormshak. Sam took 3rd place in the US Barista championships. Olympia has a rich history of finding and developing some really great coffees in direct trade partnerships with farmers. Olympia was named Micro Roaster of the year by Roast Mag in 2013. With such a resume in coffee I was really excited to get my hands on the Big Truck Espresso Blend.

Unfortunately that’s where the story ends. I would give this coffee a 3 star rating as I was very disappointed with the final product. I started with their recommended parameters and adjusted from there.


By the Numbers

I started with their base recipe

1. 18 grams of coffee (VST Basket)

2. 201 degrees water temp

3. 28 sec pull

4. 36 gram beverage

5. 9.6 TDS 19.90%  


Ristretto Formula

  1. 18 grams coffee
  2. 201 degree water
  3. 25 sec pull
  4. 20 grams out – 16.7 TDS 19.50%



  1. 18 grams coffee
  2. 201 degree water
  3. 23 sec pull
  4. 42 grams out – 7.8 TDS 19.0%